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Steam Crave Squonk MOD Bundle Sale



New production version after May-15th add TC-SS temperature control mode.


Juice Bottom feeding

10ml Juice bottle built-in

Power mode and TC mode( Ni200 and SS 2 modes)

Easy to replace bottle and battery

Single 18650 battery BOX MOD

Magnet battery door

Basci spec:

Voltage: 3.1~4.2V

Output voltage: 1-9V

Output power: 7-60W

Resistance: 0.1-4.0ohm

Temperature adjust: 200F - 600F

Charging: 5V/1000mA

Product dimension: W59*H88*D26mm

Color: Gun metal color

(Micro USB charge cable included)

User instructions:

We use famous chipset brand ST in the board of Steam Crave Squonk MOD, which is same IC as YiHi board. 

Spring load connection and no leakage

Brighter OLED display

Auto-lock function removed

TC coil detect problem  solved(firmware bug problem)

Please make use you use battery amperage 20A at least. Bad battery will decrease wattage very bad.

When your battery power remain 20% only, power will decrease. When you battery power have more than 20% remain, it will regulate your set wattage.

All mods have such wattage decrease problem, the only difference is that you cannot see it in other MODS, but you can see in in our MOD.

Power on/off

5 times click in 3 seconds to power on or power off

Screen off/Sleeping

Without  operation within 30 seconds, the screen will be off and sleeping. Press any button to wake up

Coil Detect

Connect with your new atomizer   or coil build, then press firing button. The mod will show “NEW COIL UP, OLD   DOWN”. Press + to detect your new coil and resistance.

Shift Mode

Under “unlock” mode, press   both firing button and + button for 2 seconds, the mod will shift power mode   and TC mode (Only Ni200 can work under TC mode).

Power Mode (Wattage)

Press + - to adjust wattage   setting. Holding + - will rapidly increase or decrease the wattage setting.

TC Mode (Temperature Control)

1.       Under TC mode, the power is   what you set under power mode.

2.       Press + - to adjust   temperature setting.

   Holding + - will rapidly increase or   decrease the temperature setting.

Setting Lock

Press +- for 2 seconds to lock   your setting of wattage and temperature            Press +- for 2 seconds to unlock   your setting of wattage and temperature then you can adjust setting again.

Overtime Protection

When the firing button is   pressed for over 10 seconds, the output will shut off.

Short-circuit protection

When your atomizer   short-circuits or your resistance lower than 0.1Ω, there will be no output   for protection.

Over-temperature protection

When PCBA (Printed Circuit   Board Assembly) temperature is over than 80°C (176°F), it will be protected


Low voltage protection

When your battery voltage is   lower than 3.1V, the Squonk will stop working to prevent battery damage.

Open circuit protection

If there is no connection with   the atomizer, when pressing the firing button, it will read the open circuit,   preventing your mod from firing.

Battery protection

If you put battery in the wrong   direction (+ -), the PCBA will not work.